MAN-EAGLE TOUR 2013: Blog [Part 2]



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DAY 2: “Waterloo Sunset”

The sun sets on England as we sail away towards France and beyond. We’re finally on our way, no going back and feeling slightly nervous after the rocky start we had!


PISSOIR, Germany

And back on the road! For a LONG time… France and Belgium disappear fairly quickly in the dark, but Germany just goes on and on, and on and on…

We eventually have to stop for the facilities, and discover the Pissoir!!!!! One thing is for sure, the Autobahn – best, most efficient roads & service stations, but the worst toilets EVER! You’re hitting the jackpot if there are any of the following: toilet roll; toilet seat; lighting; a working lock; running water; clean air; floor space lacking shit-stained toilet paper.

[HETTY] “All I remember is there were already some stinky guys in there and so most of us just used the side of the road… Which we could’ve done anyway.”

Time was beginning to warp. The following is the result of conversation derived from the point of delirium, consisting mainly of dinosaurs and new sexual preferences…

[ROB] “Hetty… Hetty-ro-saurus… It’s a sexual preference – I’m a heterosaurus!”

We’re seemingly picking up a random hitchhiker somewhere in Czech Republic… But can’t understand a word he and Pete are saying to each other. Fleeting experience.

FUCKING HOT!!!!!!! Clear roads all the way, then in Slovakia we’re stuck in traffic on the motorway. Anya’s going for piss and we’re moving so slowly; door open to get air coming in (sooo good) then the traffic starts moving, typically!! They’ve been left behind!

[ANYA] “It was bound to happen; that somewhere amid the never-ending cycle of road, one of us would need a ‘Pissoir’ where there was none. Middle of a traffic jam on a motorway somewhere in (I’m not actually even sure). I was seriously considering Scotty’s lunchbox offer as an option but we had hours left and one spillage could’ve been detrimental! So I convinced Joe to come hold a jacket out to cover me up from the standstill traffic and did what I had to. On our way back to the van, we suddenly realised that the traffic was moving faster than us! The Transit was nowhere to be seen but eventually Pete must’ve noticed that he was two band members down and pulled over in the hard shoulder where we caught up with them after ambling across three lanes of now quite fast moving traffic. Relief.”



We think we’re getting close when we reach the 24 hour mark – “About 2 hours” Pete says. Ten hours and several potholes later, we finally approach Sklabina. Everyone hallucinating by this point, we all see a deer in the road but we’re not even sure they’d been real until someone brought it up… Who was it who said? Anyone at all…? Endlessly dodging potholes – LOADS of them all over roads for ages!! Veering all over the place. Pete starts driving on wrong side of the road, he must be so tired (he’s still not had a break at this point!!)

We don’t seem to be getting any closer… Certain that we’ve just driven past the same garage after about 40 minutes of blindly following the road in front of us, we suddenly see lights and hear noise for the first time in miles of dark empty countryside! Then half dazed and confused, we’re there! Crack open our gift from a friend of Pete’s – a bottle of very special liquor!! Now it’s time to party!


>>> Link to Day 1 “Dead End Street” <<<

>>> Link to Day 3 “Sunny Afternoon” <<<

>>> Link to Day 4 “All Day and all of the Night” <<<

>>> Link to Day 5 “Everybody’s Gonna be Happy” <<<

>>> Link to Day 6 “Sittin’ on My Sofa” <<<

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